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Calling all Call Stats!

Cloud9 releases ‘Call Analytics’ a compelling activity reporting application.

The simple to use dashboard, at a glance, highlights key elements in a ‘real time’ call reporting environment. Together with a simple colour co-ordinated layout, plus an array of data fields, which can be tailored to suit.

“The application is easy and straight forward to use. I have worked with a lot of other call reporting software and got lost with too much information – Call Analytics, gives you what you need, when you need it. Also as it is web based, we have it open on a Raspberry Pi in our office displaying it on a large screen, just looks great!”  – Andy Scott –

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Nebula Announces Strategic Partnership with Cloud 9

Nebula Announces Strategic Partnership with Cloud 9 “Perfect match to improve customer service”

Nebula IT Director Chris Pottrell and Cloud 9 Operations Director Stuart Allbut confirmed today that a strategic partnership has been agreed and put in place that brings together telephony and IT technology offerings of both companies. The affiliation is one built upon the diverse range of hosted Voice and IT services, which are quickly becoming more and more available as technology advances.

Cloud9 on-site and mobile !

Cloud9 on-site in conjunction with BT expanding their connectivity solutions, Stuart Allbut director of operations commented;

“Within hours, we can near get an internet connection to anywhere in the UK”.

With this technology at our disposal, we do not come across many things Cloud9 can not help with.

Do drop us a line to see where we can help;
wayleave/order delay/damage recovery/rapid setup. We get you back up and running.

Cloud9 obtains Innovation Networks Capital Grant for its Mobilis service.

“The best companies recognise that to remain competitive, innovative new products, processes and services are essential” – Innovation Networks / ERDF

Stuart Allbut commented; ‘This fantastic offer adds a real value add to Cloud9 and the Mobilis project. Not only helping to cover the costs associated with the development of our service, but opening doors to future clients which we would not have been able to do prior to the grant. We are truly honoured and very excited to be involved in such a great scheme.

Are you making the most of Hosted Voice?

Cloud9 secures new contract with BT Wholesale to deliver their flexible Unified Communications solution, IPVS.

High quality tier one IP voice transit together with top level service agreements, IPVS offers state-of-the-art cloud based voice services. Smart call handling, hot desking, unified communications, call conferencing, plus many more, enables Cloud9 customers to work smarter, in any location, dramatically improving business efficiency and continuity.

Cloud9 secures new voice contract with BT Wholesale

Cloud9 has signed a new 12 Month contract with BT Wholesale for wholesale voice services.  With calls carried over BT’s dedicated, secure and resilient voice network, Cloud9’s customers can benefit from high quality voice services which we will back by top level service agreements.

Stuart Allbut, Cloud9’s director of operations said; “We believe this contract, together with our own existing WLR3 provision, offers a perfect combination of services for Cloud9’s customers. We wish only for direct tier one transit to uphold our promise of paramount support, and service to our stakeholders.